Optimal service, delivery of the best products and everything in 100% quality. We would like to do what we promise and give you even better, faster and more effective service, we would like your assistance in possible return/warranty shipments.

RETURNS: Sign up/sent back

For some time we work with a Returns administration system, to full satisfaction. As of today all returns must be pre-registered in our system with an RMA number. This RMA number contains all the information about the return and will always be unique to your return. We can not accept returns or warrany claims without an RMA number. In many cases it is not necessary to send something back to us, we can respond directly after you contacted our returns/warranty department.

By telephone, mail or fax tell us the reason for return and the description of the return. You will receive a registration number by Email directly from our internal service department. Your return is known to us and we also use this number for further communication.

If you have a return what you want to give to one of our employees above also applies, always ask for a copy of the return-bill made by one of our employees.

All returns are always liable for review and no rights can be derived.