The history of the brand reaches 40 years back. Prolimit strives to be reliable, by product-oriented development and not marketing or trend focused. They present the new product line, which is designed with heart and soul. These products are made with the desire to develop the ultimate quality products for eveyone to enjoy.. Europe (marketing, sales and R&D), South Africa (R&D and production), United States (production) and the far East (raw materials); Prolimit is a global brand that is created and tested in and on the water.

Watergoorweg 79

3861 MA Nijkerk

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 88 5525200

  • Thermal Rebound

    Thermal Rebound lining is directly derived from survival blankets for the protection against cold conditions. Extra protection layer between the neoprene and zodiac to reflect body heat and to block wind chill


  • Prolimit NaturePrene®

    NaturePrene® is used for selected wetsuits. NaturePrene® is harvested from the guayule plant in Malaysia and is 100% eco friendly with a 50% reduction of the environmental footprint. Combined with solvent free, water based AquaAlfa® glue to assemble the wetsuit and a lining made out of yarns which came of recycled plastic bottles. This makes our NaturePrene® wetsuit a great low environmental product.

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