Brabo Hockey

Brabo Hockey is a Dutch hockey brand with a rich history. With its innovative technology, extensive stick range, trendy designs and accessories, Brabo has the perfect product for every hockey player. The extended stick range extends from the TeXtreme and Traditional range for the absolute top to the colourful O’Geez range for kids. With the Heritage Series, Tribute Series, Indoor range and the Goalie collection, you will find the hockeygear that you want!

Brabo sticks are made of high quality materials. These contribute to the excellent playability. This is  the reason why many national and international top players have chosen for Brabo Hockey.

Watergoorweg 79

3861 MA Nijkerk

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 88 5525200

  • The Wave Torsion Box; the Brabo Hockey innovation in the Elite Series to create even more strength and stiffness.

    It is a technique where the stick becomes stiffer both in terms of length and torsion due to a diagonal wave structure. The force on an asymmetrical design is converted by the diagonal wave torsion box into pure speed of the ball, efficiency and dynamic power. Available in 4 different molds.

    Find out more about the Wave Torsion Construction.

  • Brabo Hockey cooperates with:

    TeXtreme Technology DSM Dyneema
    TeXtreme DSM Dyneema

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